Bishop Arturo Bastes slams Pres. Duterte: A million Dutertes can’t d3str0y the Catholic Church

Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes said that the Catholic Church has been reliably 4ss4vlt3d in the previous 2,000 years and still remain strong, in this way, not by any means a million President Rodrigo Dutertes will most likely bring it down. Regardless of Duterte’s consistent tirades against the Church, Bastes declares that “The Lord Jesus said to Peter that not even the gates of hell can destroy the Church. Napoleon thought he could destroy it but failed! A million of Duterte’s will never succeed in harming it. Everything will be passé but the Church will give way only to the dawning of God’s Kingdom, whose image on earth is the Catholic Church.”

The Bishop was reacting to the statement of Duterte that the Catholic Church will be “passé” or outdated 30 years from now because of the abuses of the clergy. Duterte added that the Church, along with the media, are the “oligarchs” or elites of society. However, other bishops claimed that the Church cannot be put down despite these criticisms. Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles that while Duterte wishes for this misfortune to befall the Church, “Many others before wished and tried vehemently to put an end to the Church. They never succeed these two thousand years.”

Bishop Pablo Virgilio David also rallied to the aid of the Church and said that 4tt4cks like Duterte’s and issues of clergy abuse would only strengthen Catholicism saying that “4tt4cks from outside never weaken but further strengthen the church. Weakness (immorality, sensuality, infidelity, materialism) especially of its leaders enfeebles the Church but can never end it, because while the members of Christ struggle so much against human weakness Christ Himself is God.”

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