Finally PO1 Cristobal speak up! days after a Chinese National throws a ‘taho’ at him: “Naka-uniform ako then on duty, andito ako sa sarili kong bansa then foreigner ang mag-ano sayo, siyempre manliliit po tayo,”

Cop 1 (PO1) Williman Cristobal finally made an impression a few days after the 23-years of age Chinese National Jiale Zhang tossed a cup of ‘taho’ at him while on obligation at MRT-3. Cristobal attended a ceremony led by Philippine National Police (PNP) boss Director General Oscar Albalyade to gave him an award of commendation for remaining calm despite being shamed by Zhang in front of many people.

“Ipinakita niya iyung kaniyang tiyaga at pasensya na kailangan ng ating kapulisan talaga,” Albayalde told reporters.

In any case, Cristobal said that he couldn’t prevent himself from believing that he was offended by the said Chinese National, saying that an outsider put down him in his own nation.

“Naka-uniform ako then on duty, andito ako sa sarili kong bansa then foreigner ang mag-ano sayo, siyempre manliliit po tayo,” he said.

In the mean time, the Zhang who’s at present confined at the Mandaluyong Police Station apologized to the authorities whom she disrespected.

“I was in a bad mood and I was not able to control my emotions,” she said.

“I really admit the mistake I made, and I feel so regretful for it. I’m really, really sorry. And I really ask if it’s possible to have another chance for me,” she added.

Mandaluyong Police chief Senior Superintendent Moises Villaceran Jr. also confirmed that Zhang and Cristobal already met after the incident.

“She talked with PO1 Cristobal and she said sorry for that,” he said.

However, a sorry is not enough for what Zhang did throwing a liquid in uniformed personnel was disrespectful and a big insult to the Philippine National Police.

Ang nadumihan dito ‘di lang po tao, but the institution ng Philippine National Police. It’s a big insult to us na basta-basta lang natin balewalain ‘yung ginawa niya.” he said.

NCRPO already filed several cases against Zhang and recommended to be labeled as ‘undesirable alien’.

The act committed by Zhang became viral on social media, even politicians gave their comments on the issue including Senator Ping Lacson.

“Well, tatanungin ko kayo, meron ba sa inyong natutuwa,” Lacson said.

“Sa akin lang, kasi she’s an alien, and she’s undesirable, so tama lang yung move ng PNP to have her declare as an undesirable alien. Dapat lang talaga tuluy-tuloy i-deport na because she’s undesirable. We will not like her to be here in the country,” he added.

According to him, if he threw a ‘taho’ at a law-enforcer in Hong Kong, he might end up being detained and may be barred to visit the country forever.

“Ang sampal sa atin dyan, kawawa na nga tayo tapos meron pang mangyayaring ganyan, lalong naha-highlight pa na kawawa talaga tayo.” Lacson said.

“So dapat bilang mga Pilipino, magkaisa rin tayo na, hey maliit lang kaming bansa, mahina kaming bansa, mahirap kaming bansa, huwag nyo naman kaming apihin ng ganyan na parang kayan-kayanan nyo kami. Tayuan naman natin,” the senator added.

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