MJ Quiambao Reyes an avid Duterte supporter responds to TV reporter Ed Lingao on journalist h4r4ssm3nt issue

In a Facebook post, MJ Quiambao Reyes, an avid Duterte supporter, reacted to veteran columnist Ed Lingao who she called “Mr. Television Reporter.”

Lingao reacted to Reyes before when she called h4rr4s3d Philippine columnists as “comedians and journos” who she guaranteed were not present to report the k*11ings amid President Benigno Aquino III’s term.

Lingao said that they were there and they reported about the k*11ings, refering to a Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism article that he co-composed.

Here is Lingao’s full post:

To which Reyes reacted that she was discussing the “comedians and journos” in a general sense. The individuals who she says “did nothing when 23 of their associates were getting mvrd3r3d”.

She at that point acknowledged Lingao’s correction yet proceeds to state that 23 journalist k*11ed in 40 months of Aquino’s term is as yet a major number. She even said this was particularly enormous contrasted with President Duterte’s critics still being alive today.

She even says that things are so much better now because before, journalists were being k*11ed, but now they are simply being cursed at. She even says that journalists are being “OA” or overacting and are just dramatizing their suffering.

Ending her post, she says that she has also received bashing and thr34t but she claims she is better because she does not whine about it.

Read her full post here:

“This is in response to Mr. TV Reporter’s lengthy post re: my response on Maria Ressa’s tweet:

1. My question was addressed in general to the “clowns and journos” who did nothing at the time when 23 of their colleagues were getting k*11ed and when the Phils. was considered as among the most dangerous countries in the world for journos during the past admin. While I did not categorically classify you as among the “clowns” (as, in fact, I used to admire you), I respect your right to consider yourself as one of them (as you so wish) just as I welcome your response.

2. Yes, it should be 23 journos k*11ed on the first 40 months during BS Aquino’s term (not first 40 weeks). Still, 23 journos k*11ed on the 1st 3 years of his admin is no joke. Compare that to PRRD’s first 20 months where ALL of the President’s harshest critics and purveyors of fake news against the govt. are still very much alive!

3. While I appreciate the article you claim to have co-written in 2013 (re: journos getting k*11ed), I am totally disgusted on how you now act like you have totally and conveniently forgotten the past and everything you said to have written.

Gaano po ba kahirap aminin: Noon, ang mga journalists pinapatay. Ngayon, minumura lang ng mga Filipinong galit sa biased news habang hinahangaan naman at ginagawa pa ngang bayani ng mga dilaw, BBC, ICC, pati na ng simbahan.

4. Must we remind you and the others too that it was PRRD who issued Administrative Order #1 primarily to protect the lives of the journalists (yourself included) who incessantly criticize & demonize him.

5. I’m not here to belittle the thr34ts or bashing that any of you may have received (if any). All I want is for journos to be truthful and fair–wag naman OA pa sa OA! Kung makangawa kasi kayo ngayon, you make it look like kinakawawa, binubusalan, at kinakatay kayo. Siguro naman po Journalism at hindi Theatre Arts ang tinapos ninyo. I get it that some of you did not even finish college, and that’s just fine. But–for the life of me, if you want to be respected as a reporter, then start acting like one (unless you want to give Coco Martin a run for his money).

6. On your & your followers’ question as to where I was before Duterte:

In my “alternate universe”, I was (and still am) busy working my ass off and providing livelihood to some–that while also uncovering and exposing the corruption and anomalies of several greedy politicians & crooks! The difference is, unlike you, I am not in any one’s payroll.

And oh, while I also got and continue to get all forms of thr34ts and all kinds of bashing, I did not and do not whine. I did not and do not use the victim’s card or play hero. I knew the risks and I was and still am ready to accept the consequences of my actions–then and now.

Walang drama. Walang camera. Walang paawa.”

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