Must Look: Owner of the Manila Times ends Tatad’s fake storytelling

Owner of the Manila Times, Dr. Dante A. Ang, has had it with previous The Manila Times journalist Francisco S. Tatad’speddling of lies. He at that point put a conclusion to this by recounting his side of the story and clearing out what exactly happened.

Duterte did not to f1r3 him

In the initial segment of Ang’s protracted editorial piece, he cleared out once and for all that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte did not order him to f1r3 Tatad from his position In the Manila Times.

He said that Duterte has never referenced Tatad’s name at the times that both of them had met. He at that point continues saying that he challenges Tatad to take a lie detector test with him to see who indeed is telling the truth.

Tatad went insane over non-publication of his piece

Ang went on to clear out that the reason why Tatad has been constantly attacking him is because his supposedly “farewell piece” was not distributed in the Manila Times.

Ang clarified that the reason for this non-publication was fairly simply. He said that he could not dare to publish the work of someone who has tried to belittle and besmirch the name of his company. He then goes on to say that it is even more crazy for Tatad to demand to be paid for it.

“…publishing his malicious piece would be contrary to reason and violative of the canons of journalism,” Ang said.

Even moreso, Ang said that while Tatad complains about his violation or suppression of his press freedom, Ang said that his journalistic freedom, especially that of a journalist should still be based on facts and on the truth.

Duties of a journalist

Intent in lecturing Tatad, Ang then goes on to school Tatad on what journalism is and what journalists should be doing. “Journalism is truthful information. Journalism informs. It aims to move people to come to an informed decision or perception of ideas or events. It contributes to societal good. It provokes public discussion on the relevant issues of the day,” Ang said.

“Absent the truth, a story is meaningless and worse, becomes propaganda, black propaganda if you will, which could destroy the lives of the innocent,” he added.

Ang then gave and example of Tatad violating this by loosely accusing The Manila Times editor of being a consultant to the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). Ang said that there was no truth to it and Tatad could have gotten the truth if only he asked Ang himself.

Do even just simple research

Ang said that journalist must do their research always. But Tatad however, has been peddling a lot of fake news and lies. He said that another example of this fake news that Tatad spread was when he said that the president may have had a kidney transplant when the public was not able to see him for over 2 weeks. Ang said that I could have been verified if only Tatad vetted, cross checked and weighed the credibility of the information that he had used.

This, Ang says, is the responsibility of a journalist.

Press freedom is important but so is the truth

Ang had a lot of things to say to Tatad. The lengthy editorial that he had covered the fake martyrdom of Tatad, his accusation of the suppression of press freedom, and many others. Ending his editorial post, Ang said that many journalists have been fried in the course of history, and for many other reasons. But what is common, is that these newsmen were f1r3d because of lying and not being able to stand by their stories.

“Mr. Tatad has filed multiple fake news for which The Manila Times couldn’t stand by their accuracy. And so the Times has decided to exercise its editorial prerogative in order to protect and uphold what Mr. Tatad calls the tenets of journalism,” Ang said.

“Mr. Tatad should thank his lucky stars the times did not f1r3 him for his fraudulent reports. Now, Mr. Tatad cries persecution. Give me a break,” he said, ending his post.

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