New York Univ. Alumna may matinding suggestion sa ICC: “Suggestion ko sa ICC, icharge nila sa LP yung amount na nawala.”

NNew York University alumna, online networking identity and well-known writer,, Krizette Laureta Chu, by and by fired a splendid opinion about the ongoing withdrawal of the Philippines from the International Criminal Court (ICC). Krizette, who is known not only for being fearless in speaking her mind over various political issues, yet in addition for having a colossal mind, shared a diverting yet extremely ground-breaking post in Facebook, saying that since the nation currently left international judicial body, , ICC will lose 25 million pesos in yearly membership expense.

She at that point said that the reserve is really discretional, anyway the nation has been supposedly paying and contributing since the season of previous President Noynoy Aquino. The clever writer likewise made a humorous recommendation for ICC to charge the lost amount of money to the Liberal Party because according to her, the latter have attempted to utilized their court to obtain control. “Suggestion ko sa ICC, icharge nila sa LP yung amount na nawala kasi nagpasulsol sila at ginamit sila pang power grab.”, Chu wrote.

Below is her full Facebook post:

“The Philippines may be the first country to successfully withdraw from the ICC. Before the PH, Gambia, South Africa, Russia, and Burundi expressed intentions, but parang nauna pa ata tayo na talagang umexit. Not sure, Sunday ngayon katamad mag research. That’s P25 million pesos less in yearly membership plus the “bonus” we pay for a special fund for Special Visitor’s, etc. Optional lang yung fund na yun pero nagbibigay tayo dati sa time ni Pnoy.

So that’s P25 million plus plus, tapos may ilang million pa na extra. o di ba. Since walang transparency nung time na yun di natin alam how much. Pero since we started in 2011 until 2017, more than P125 million na sinayang natin sa ICC. Mayaman si Papa. Nakakahiya naman yung US at China hindi members pero tayo, oo. Suggestion ko sa ICC, icharge nila sa LP yung amount na nawala kasi nagpasulsol sila at ginamit sila pang power grab.

ICC, kung nakikinig ka, charge mo kay VP Leni yung P25M A year plus bonus pa. Kaya nila yan, kasalanan naman nila. Kung di sila nag sinungaling sa inyo, di tayo aabot dito. Kahit 1 percent lang ng budget nyo ang 25 million, pang kape na rin yan. Pabayaran nyo kay Madam and company. But the biggest problem of ICC is not us.
The US just sanctioned them because it will not allow a foreign body to investigate or punish its citizens. Wala ng visa, sanctioned pa. Kapag kinakalaban ang Poon, malas ang inaabot. Ganon talaga.”

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