Utos Ni Mayor Pretty Boy Jalgalado na Buqbuq1n ang Member ng Governor’s Task Force na nagsasagawa ng Operation Against I11egal Quarry!

In the Philippines, lawmakers appear to have an approach to spring once more into their particular positions even in the wake of infringing upon the law or accomplishing something illicit.

An ideal case of this is Mayor Senandro “Pretty Boy” Jalgalado of Capalonga Town of Camarines Norte. In 2012, he dealt with indictments for indiscriminate firing before a police headquarters. At some point before 2014, a grumbling was documented against him about purportedly shooting his weapon while at the back of a police headquarters. In 2014, an arrest was ordered against him and 2 others for Malicious Mischief. In 2015, he was rapped over a medication trick.

Prior today, he was subject of a viral video and is In the lengthy video originally posted by Kagawad Fanny Almaida, In the protracted video initially posted by Kagawad Fanny Almaida, the city hall leader can be found in an encounter against the individuals from Governor’s Task Force who were directing an activity Against Illegal Quarry.

The mayor is supposedly using an officially sanctioned vehicle to do illegal quarry on the site when the team got them.

The Mayor was clearly trying to use fright and violence from the start of the video. He can be heard instructing his men to barricade the road so no one gets out. As the argument grew hotter, the mayor kept on cursing the man taking a video and asking his men to take the man down right in front of the policemen.

The wife of the mayor can also be seen who seemed to not be taking the matters seriously. She first complained about the video but the man taking the video said that they were free men, and they can take videos if they wanted to.

The wife waved and even danced in front of the camera, while her husband angrily cursed and threatened the man taking the video. In the last part, the man can even be seen running away as the mayor’s men tried to get hold of him.

During times like these, you get to ask, why do these people get re-elected?


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